13 Mar 2012

Madrid Marathon Training with Six Weeks to Go!

Last weeks plan of training looked like this:-

On Monday I will run 10k 
On Tuesday I will do hill training 
On Thursday I have a 10k run planned
On Friday I will do some more 10-20-30 training
On Saturday I will do 30 minutes hill training
On Sunday I will run around 18k

This is what I actually did:-

Monday - 14k
Tuesday - Hill Training
Thursday - 12k
Friday - 4k
Saturday - Hill Training

As you can see I ran over my planned amount a couple of days, ran 4k with my son instead of 10-20-30 training on Friday, and skipped training on Sunday because I had a bad sore throat and couldn't speak very well.

My training plan for this week looks like this:-

Monday - 7k
Wednesday - Hill Training
Thursday - 21k
Saturday - 10k
Sunday - Hill training/10-20-30

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