6 Feb 2011

New 10k Time!!

See my run at http://go.nike.com/a4trjju

Today I ran the first of the Nike Marathon Tests :-) It was 10k.

I beat my old 10k time by 6 seconds!! My new PB for 10k is 54 miuntes and 45 seconds.
My old 10k time I got in October in perfect running conditions. Today was cold and windy at times so I confident I can improve more when it's springtime.

The race was a 10k route around Østerbro and a little bit in Fælledparken.

I started by running with the 5:40 group but they took off a little too fast for me and by 3k I was trailing way behind them but still infront of the 5:50 group. At 5.5k there was the water depot so I stopped for a couple of seconds and had some Powerade. As usual this gave me the boost I needed :-)

I started speeding up slowly from this point and by the 8k mark I was running between 5:18 and 5:20. At 9k I had caught up with the pacesetters for the 5:40 group and by 9.5k I was ahead of them. With 300 metres to go I started sprinting as normal. I was very tired when I crossed the line!

It was a great race and I'm now looking forward to running the 15k in March :-)


  1. Congrats on a new PR in tough conditions! Good race for you as part of your training.

    Hope its getting warmer there (eventually)..


  2. Thanks Paul,

    It's great to read about your running. I enjoy reading your blog :-)

    It's still cold here and supposed to start snowing again this weekend.

    All this cold weather can only make my marathon easier (I hope)