3 Sept 2010

It's all about Finishing the Marathon

While out running today (only a 4.5km without a time) I was thinking of something that I read about 'Long Slow Distance' running.

This is where it is more important that you get round as easy as possible instead of setting time goals and being competitive. I really think this is something that beginner marathon runners should look into.

Never set a time goal as a newbie, the goal should always be to get round in one piece!

As I've found my running pretty easy when I do about 9km an hour I think I will stick with this pace and see how many km I can built up to over the months and see if it still remains relatively easy (I don't think it will but I can always dream)!

Do you agree with this and the long slow distance idea or doesn't it work? I need all the help I can get :)

Have a great weekend!

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