26 Sept 2010

Friløbet 2010

And so I have completed my second goal in my marathon training!!

I ran 10km in Friløbet in Copenhagen today. It's a great run where you start outside Østerbro Stadium, run by the lakes, into and around Tivoli, back by the lakes, through Fælledparken, and then into Østerbro stadium!

The weather was almost perfect. No rain, no sun, just lots of clouds :) I was running a little into the wind on the way back from Tivoli by the lakes but it was nothing that really mattered.

My official time was 1 hour and 26 seconds!!!

Now I know that this time is not so good as my other "10km's". This is because my Nike+ sportband hadn't been calibrated so where I thought I was running a 10km it was more like a little under 9km.

The good news is that I actually beat my old "10km" time by over 2 minutes and did it in 55 minutes and 4 seconds!!

I, of course, have calibrated the sportsband now so am looking forward to my next 10km run to try and beat my time :)

Goal number 3 is calling and that's a 15km race! Probably the Nike Marathon Start-up on 31st October :)

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