30 Nov 2014

Hanson's Marathon Method Week 4 Plan

What happened in week 3 training!

Tuesday - 6.5k easy run with a pace of 6:14 which should have been 6:20. I'm beginning to get a little bored with the running routes again so may start taking the metro out to other places to run.

Wednesday - This was speed training of 6 x 400 metres with 400 metres recovery in between. This went very well as usual and they did put the flood lights on for me :-)

Thursday - I had a lovely easy 6.5k run today and had my pace spot on. It should have been 6:20 and at exactly 6.5k it said my average pace was 6:20!

Saturday - Easy what should have been a 6.5k but I ended up doing 7k as I was busy trying to draw something with Nike maps. It should have been 6:10 and my average was 6:07 :-)
Sunday - Today was an 8k with a 5:40 pace. I ran down by the water front where I love to run but it was so cold and really windy. I started off fast as the wind was behind me and I knew I would have a fight with it later. I ended up running 8.5k just to get me almost home and my average pace was 5:34

Week 3 Overall - This weeks training has gone well. I am beginning to feel stronger on some days and really tired on others. 

Hanson's Method Week 4 Plan

Monday      - 8k with a pace of 6:20
Tuesday      - Off
Wednesday - 7 x 400 metres speed training with 400 metres recovery
Thursday    - 5k with a pace of 6:20
Friday         - Off
Saturday     - 8k with a pace of 6:10
Sunday       - 8k with a pace of 5:40

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