23 Nov 2014

Hanson's Marathon Method Week 3 Plan

What happened in week 2 training!

Tuesday - I decided to run the easy 3k today in between finishing work and picking up my son from school. This didn't quite work out as I wasn't finished with work until 16:10 and the school closes at 16:30 so I had to be there by at least 16:20. So instead of an easy pace of 6:20 which I was supposed to do, I ended up running the 3k with a pace of 5:30.

Wednesday - This was speed training of 6 x 400 metres with 400 metres recovery in between. This went very well again and, as it was so cold, it was nice to have to run fast! I found out that, if I ask at the sports club reception before I go out to the track, they will put the flood lights on for me :-) And it's free!

Thursday - Another great run today :-) It was an easy 5k supposed to be with a 6:20 pace. I did 5.3k with a 6:16 pace so am at last getting better at the pacing.

Saturday - Easy 5k run with an almost perfect pace. It should have been 6:20 and my average was 6:19 :-)

Sunday - Today was a 6.5k with a 5:40 pace. I had a lovely run down by the harbour and through the nature area. The wind was behind me after the first few metres so I went a bit of a faster pace for the first half so I would still get a good average pace after my fight with the wind during the second half. My average pace was 5:36.

Week 2 Overall - This weeks training was very similar to the first weeks. It has gone really well and I have managed to get my pace much closer to what it should be.

Hanson's Method Week 3 Plan

Monday      - Off
Tuesday      - 6.5k with a pace of 6:10
Wednesday - 6 x 400 metres speed training with 400 metres recovery
Thursday    - 6.5k with a pace of 6:20
Friday         - Off
Saturday     - 6.5k with a pace of 6:10
Sunday       - 8k with a pace of 5:40

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