18 May 2013

Copenhagen Marathon 2013!

And so I have come full circle! Two years ago I was very nervous and getting ready to leap into the unknown of my first marathon 'Copenhagen Marathon 2011'.

Tomorrow I'm running this marathon again! I know I said I wouldn't run any marathons this year, and also that I wouldn't run the same one twice, but I got a free race number so of course I should run ;-) Number 936!

I'm not going for a time! I'm running for fun and to help anyone that I see in trouble. I'm even taking some extra gels with me in case another runner or two needs a boost. If I have to guess on a time I would say this will probably be my slowest marathon yet and will take around 5 hours.

I'm also running as an Adidas Boost Ambassador so am wearing all my gear.

It looks like I may have another lovely run like Edinburgh and be SINGING AND RUNNING IN THE RAIN!!


  1. Have fun! Wish I was there 8)

    Yes just go uber slow, take walk breaks etc and have a good time!

    1. Thanks Paul. I was definatly looking after my knees this time

  2. Good Luck Lynne!.... Disfruta de la Maratón

    Un fuerte abrazo