29 Apr 2013

London Marathon Ballot!

Early this morning, (2:30 am danish time), I woke up and signed up once again for the London Marathon ballot which had opened just after midnight British time.

London Marathon ballot

I won't feel like I have reached my marathon goal until I run London Marathon. I know there are many other marathons I could (and do) run but my goal from when I was 14 years old was to one day run London Marathon so I will never give up trying!

I know that there are charity places but raising £2000 while living in Denmark is not going to happen as the Danish races are not run for charity very much. I tried raising money for Help for Heroes when I ran Copenhagen Marathon in 2011 and only managed to raise £150! And I was promoted on the radio then too.

If anyone out there wants to team up and help me raise the charity money but not actually run the race, (or gets injured after raising the money and can't run), I will run for you!


  1. Good luck! I hope you get in!

    Someday I will have to do London. I hope you'll want to do it again 8)
    I don't like mixing charity giving and racing myself. For some it make sense, for me, not so much.