18 Sept 2011

Ouch My Knee!!

I haven't been out for any long runs this week as my knee started hurting after I ran the Venindeløbet last Sunday!

For once it wasn't running that injured my knee. It had more to do with me slamming a door onto my knee cap on the Sunday afternoon!!

It really hurt :-(

I was supposed to run a corporation sightseeing tour on Thursday but felt my knee wouldn't quite be up for it so I missed out on a fantastic tour!

My knee seems better today so I'd better get back to my maraton training. I'm planning a half marathon sometime this week. Probably on Tuesday :-)


  1. You should do daily stretching routine to avoid such problems like that.

  2. Thanks Step Counter :-)

    This time though my knee was hurting because I shut it in a door! They used to hurt and I do daily exercises for them now and it really helped.

    My knees never hurt from running anymore :-)