4 May 2014

New Adidas Adistar Boosts!

My old Adistar Boosts are almost dead so it was time to buy some new ones. There was no way I was going to buy anything else as these are the best running shoes ever!! No blisters, No lost toenails, No knee problems!!!

I have run my last three marathons in my Boosts and have had NO problems at all! Unlike my first four marathons!

As some of you may remember last year I was an ambassador for Adidas Adistar Boosts for a danish shop called Kaiser Sport.
This was my review that I wrote for them:-

As far as I am concerned the Adidas Boost trainers are THE BEST TRAINERS EVER! Why do I say this?

All 4 of my other marathons that I have run have two things in common:-
1: LOTS of blisters!
2: BIG loss of toenails!

 I have been searching for some trainers that would help with the blister situation and would stop me losing toenails. I had already tried taping my toes, different socks, different trainers, trainers too big, vaseline, bodyglide stuff, vitamins, and any other remedies I could find on running sites. Nothing has made any difference :-(

But now I seem to have found the answer: Adistar Boosts!!

 After the marathon I had one little blister on the side of my big toe and one little blister in between two toes. And that was it (other than having very wrinkled feet from the wetness). As of now, three days after the marathon, it looks like all my toenails will stay attached this time :-) If I don't lose a toenail then, as far as I'm concerned, these trainers are like GOLD to me! I'll keep you updated.

There also seems to definately be a return of energy when running in these shoes as my legs didn't seem very tired at all during the marathon and could have carried on going for ??? amount of kilometres more!

One last thing, the trainers are not very water resistant so when my Boosts are dead and I buy some more, I am going to spray them with a water resistant spray to help my feet stay maybe a little dryer :-)

Please Adidas don't ever change your Adistar Boosts!!

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  1. Glad you found a shoe that keeps your toenails on ;) ..and more importantly keeps your knees healthy.
    Funny how some people have this problem and some don't. I wonder why?