26 Dec 2013

2014 Race Plan

I can't believe I have almost all of my races planned out for 2014!

Here's the list:- (so far)

16th March 2014 - Barcelona Marathon
23rd March 2014 - Rome Marathon
4th August 2014 - Rock 'n' Roll Dublin Half Marathon
14th September 2014 - Copenhagen Powerade Half Marathon
12th October 2014 - Royal Parks Ultra Marathon 50km
 As you can see there's a rather large gap between Rome Marathon and Dublin Half Marathon. This is because I am doing another sporty activity in May that I haven't tried before so won't know until afterwards if I want a race before Dublin or not.

21st May 2014 - Climbing Ben Nevis (and yes there will probably be snow on the mountain)


  1. Guaaaaaauuuu!!!.... Fantastic year Lynne!!!.... Disfruta a tope de cada experiencia :-)

    1. I've already started my 2015 list as well! The first marathon on it is either Gran Canaria in January or Sevilla in February :-) See you in Barcelona maybe ;-)

  2. Wow great pics. Good luck with 2014 Races!

    1. Thanks Patty :-) I think climbing the mountain will be my hardest challenge this year!