29 Sept 2013

Two Marathons in One Week!

And so I'm out of the running for a London Marathon place again! When I found
out I was pretty sad so I automatically began looking for some other
running goal to cheer myself up.
I am already signed up for Rome on 23rd March 2014 so started considering
running Madrid marathon again as that's in April. Then I realised that if I also
run Copenhagen in May I would have run 3 marathons in 3 months which will
mean I can become a Marathon Maniac!

There were two problems with this idea though; 1: I've already run Madrid and,
even though I loved it, I'd like to run somewhere else, 2: I've run Copenhagen
marathon twice now and really I'm not that interested in running it again! I only
did it the second time because I got a free race number.

So I started thinking about what other marathons I wanted to run. While I'm doing
this my older son is watching TV and sees a Barcelona football advert. He shouts
'Barcelona' at the TV and I type Barcelona marathon into google.
I can see it's on 16th March 2014, only one week before Rome. I really like the idea of
running two marathons one after the other. But it's not just two marathons, it's two
that have been on my bucketlist for a REALLY long time. My husband says it's fine for
me to be away for two weekends in a row and I'll just travel out on the Saturdays and
back on the Mondays.

So I sign up for Barcelona marathon 2014!!!

I am very excited about this challenge and know that I have to prepare and train
properly this time. My plan is to train for a 4:30 Barcelona marathon and then run
it in 5 hours. This way I won't be working myself to the limit and should have a nice
easy time in Barcelona.
My plan for Rome is and always has been to treat it like a tourist run around the city
with my camera so I don't care if this takes me 6 hours to finish :-)

Because I will be running two marathons so close together I can still join the Marathon

What have I got myself into this time :-)


  1. You're a Marathon Maniac!!...Two Marathons in one week... Menuda locura ;-)

    Barcelona is a fantastic race... En mi opinión es una Maratón muchísimo más recomendable que Madrid o Valencia.... Más público, mejor organizada y con un recorrido inmejorable

    Un fuerte abrazo

    1. I'm really looking forward to my new challenge and can't wait to run Barcelona and Rome :-)

      I loved Madrid and Valencia so it seems like I'm going to love Barcelona even more!!

  2. I'm also signed up for the Rome marathon! Can't wait to read how your training goes. I'm not a marathon maniac yet but I am a half fanatic! It's so fun seeing other fanatics and maniacs at races!

    1. I never knew of the half fanatics until now. I've just checked out their site. Maybe we should meet up in Rome? I always seem to make some really good friends through my blog :-)