1 Jun 2013

My Marathon Maniac Goal!

The time is now right to become a MARATHON MANIAC!.

After having a Fun Run for Copenhagen marathon I know that if I take my time and enjoy myself I can run more marathons. I have been looking for either one more marathon to run within 16 days of Copenhagen or 2 more marathons to run within 90 days of Copenhagen. This is the criteria needed to go in as a Marathon Maniac at bronze level. The only marathons that I have found in Denmark (can't afford to travel further right now) are small ones with only 100 or less people. They are on beaches or in forests. My knees don't like that terrain and prefer road surfaces.

I have therefore decided on my own criteria for a marathon as well. These are as follows:-

1: It must be a marathon where I can enjoy myself
2: It must have a good sightseeing route so I have something to look at if the going gets tough
3: It must be on the road surface for at least three quarters of the time
4: The less repeaters the course has the better
5: If I can run them all in different countries that would be great

It looks like I have some planning to do :-)

To become a Marathon Maniac I am either going for 2 marathons in 16 days, 3 marathons in 90 days or even 8 marathons in one year!

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