22 Feb 2013

Adidas Boost Ambassador!

I have been chosen by a danish sports store called Kaiser Sport to become an ambassador for the new Adidas Boost trainers!! How cool is that? I get to run around Copenhagen while promoting the new Boost trainers and wearing Boost training clothes :-)

I'm very excited about trying these trainers as I love what I'm reading about them and was thinking about giving them a go anyway. Don't get me wrong, I am still loving my Brooks but I'm always open to seeing if there is something better out there! So when I read yesterday that Kaiser Sport were looking for 10 women and 10 men to be ambassadors for the new Adidas Boost trainers I wrote an application straightaway and they have chosen me :-)

As well as running in them I also have to write about what I think of them. So I'm kind of reviewing them too! I will hear more in March about what I will be doing.

Adidas Boost Teaser Video

This is going to be a fantastic experience and I can't wait to get started......


  1. Congratulations for being chosen!
    I'm looking forward to read you review!

  2. Congratulations Lynne!!!
    I'm talking to an embassador Wow!! Wow!! :-)

    You'll be our eyes, aour legs and our feet with the new Adidas trainers...

    I'm looking forward to read about your first trainings!!