24 Sept 2012

Too Sick for Friløbet Run!

I forgot to write yesterday about the Friløbet run in Copenhagen. This was probably because I never ran it as I've been ill since Thursday evening :-(

What started as a little bit of an itchy throat turned into a full blown head cold and chesty cough by Friday. I decided not to run yesterday because I was scared that I would make myself worse and all I want to do is be well for next Sunday!

I have been feeling really sorry for myself and worried about how I will be for Berlin Marathon! I keep trying to think positive thoughts. I mean aren't I glad that I was ill this weekend and not next? It doesn't work because I just think why did I have to get ill at all?

I am taking loads of vitamin c and washing my hands every time I use public transport and am using anti bacterial wipes all the time. I am worried because I have hardly run within the last few weeks. First I had that mole removed (the results came back fine by the way), and then this cold.

The good news is I am feeling better today so I'm sure I'll be fine by the time I leave Copenhagen for Berlin on Thursday. I'm just hoping Latimer hasn't caught it!

Anyway I'll stop moaning now :-) The weather for Berlin marathon with 6 days to go is:-

15 degrees with clouds and sun! NO RAIN!


  1. Oh, dear..sorry to hear about your cold..if you got it Thursday you should be pretty recovered in time.

    All very good with the wipes..but thats called "closing the barn door after the horse got out" or the germs got in..whatever 8/

    THe last week is the perfect time to get a cold if you are going to get one. There's not much benefit to the running at this point. The main thing is that the congestion is clearing out at race time..not still worse and you should not feel weak or fevered of course.

    I have actually run a marathon in this state and it ended up cleaning out the last of the cruds from my lungs. ;) So don't panic.

    We can discuss the pace in Berlin....


    Yup the rain thing seems to have passed! Really no big deal for the run! The big problem with rain is the spectators suffer and the post race festival is cold and sucky so you just go back to the hotel..boo.

    But no RAIN for us! (Maybe thursday though...bringing an umbrella.

  2. I'm feeling better now so should be completely recovered by the time I get to Berlin :-)

    And if not then I'll just do as you say and use the marathon to 'clean out the cruds'!

    Regarding the pace, I will finish before the clock says 04:30:00 :-)

    See you in a couple of days!