2 Jul 2012

Beginner Training Group and Other Stuff

Last Saturday I started training my beginners running group! There are over 20 beginners that I am training and most of them haven't run much or at all before. I found lots of cool running games we could play together and this seemed to work out really well.

I'm looking very much forward to seeing them all again this Saturday :-)

Today I have started some social half marathon training leading up to the Powerade Copenhagen Half Marathon on 9th September. I'm planning on running it in under 2 hours. If I can do that my goal of Berlin Marathon in under 4 hours and 15 minutes should be doable!
We ran 10k today, 11k next week and then adding on more kilometres each week until 2 weeks before when we'll drop the mileage again. 

On top of this training I will also be doing intervals once a week and hill training once a week and then another run anything between 5k and 28k each week.

I can't wait until Wednesday as Latimer and I are racing together in a 5k race! We only have 7 seconds seperating our best times right now. I'll do a write up afterwards....


  1. They will learn a lot from yourself. Enjoy!

  2. Fantastic! Keep up the good work!

  3. That sounds like a great plan for the half marathon.
    For the 5k race, I bet you'll win this time. 7 seconds is very short and you lately are trainning hard. Anyhow, the most important is to enjoy and Im sure you'll do so.