21 Jan 2012

2013 Marathons!

My training is going really good so I've been thinking about which marathons I should run in 2013.

Winter in Denmark doesn't seem as depressing this year and I'm putting that down to having 2 great weeks with sunshine in Dubai in December. Therefore I will be running Dubai Marathon 2013 which is held in the middle of January!

My second marathon of 2013 will be.........Brisbane Marathon!!!

We are doing a home swop with a couple from Brisbane next summer so, of course, I checked out if there were any marathons in the area and found out that Brisbane marathon is right at the beginning of August! How cool will that be?

Lynne is going continental in 2013!!


  1. Australia, Dubai...fantastic places!!

    Unfortunately I won´t run in Madrid in 2012 (maybe in 2013 o 2014)

    I hope to meet you somewhere in the future

    Good luck in your next races!


    Gran Canaria

  2. Hi! I stumbled on your blog because I'm also running the Madrid Marathon! Can't wait to follow your training for it!

  3. Dubai a great idea: Get the F out of CPH for a bit in the dead of darkness!

    You have a brother in Aus right? We haven't been to Brisbane but it looks really nice...and in August the temps seem pretty reasonable.

    1. Why not join me for Brisbane Marathon 2013....

      We will be doing a home exchange but I'm sure it will be ok for you both to stay with us for a few days :-)

  4. Glad to hear you are coming to Australia. Depending when you arrive I'd suggest the Gold Coast Marathon on Sunday 1 July (www.goldcoastmarathon.com.au). It's the best marathon in Australia and usually attracts 5000+ marathoners (25,000 across all events). The Gold Coast is one hour south of Brisbane.

    The Brisbane Marathon is a good event but is much smaller (a few hundred in the marathon) and 2,000 or so across all events. It is also run on footpaths etc (not closed roads as with the Gold Coast).

    All the best for Madrid!

    1. Hi Ryan,

      Thanks for your insight! I hadn't even thought about checking out other marathons in the area. The Gold Coast Marathon definately seems more for me :-)

      And I will be there by 1st July!

      I'm going to look more into it now...

  5. Unique Wharf to Wharf Marathon on Great Barrier Island, New Zealand. October 2013. Check it out www.thebarrier.co.nz/wharf2wharf.htm