25 Nov 2011

One and a Half Days Until Valencia Marathon!!

I picked up my marathon pack and number today 3683 so now I'm the proud owner of a Valencian Marathon t-shirt and cap and many more goodies :-) I just need the medal to go with them!

It is pretty hot here right now. Today was 23 degrees with clear skies!! I hope it's not so hot for Sunday. From 5k onwards every 2.5k there is an option to have water during the marathon so I'm happy about that.

So this is it!! MARATHON NUMBER 2 :-)

I forgot the cable to connect my camera to the computer so photos will have to wait until I am home again...

Weather forecast for Sunday :-

Details for Sunday, November 27, 2011

Partly sunny with a shower in places in the afternoon
High Temperature
N 8
Maximum UV
Thunderstorm Probability
Amount of Precipitation
Amount of Rain
Amount of Snow
Hours of Precipitation
1 Hour
Hours of Rain
1 Hour

1 comment:

  1. Hi Lynne!!

    My name is Fernando, and you don´t know me ... but ... you're sure you do not know me? :-)

    Yesterday, I runned Valencia Marathon and I was talking to you in the hotel elevator before the race. We were very nervous and excited about the race. We talk abaut the weather, about copenhagen and your second and my second marathon.

    When I finished the race, I thought What's happened with the English woman living in Copenhagen? Then I decided to try to hear from you, Finally , I found this blog :-)

    I would like to continue talking to you and to continue to share views on marathons and Copenhagen. I remember that in June 2012, will travel to Denmark and Sweden.

    This is my email, fer.accesos@gmail.com

    Write me if you want.

    Bye bye!!