17 May 2011

5 days until Copenhagen Marathon and the Weather Looks Bad!

Well I did say that the predictions change quickly. Here's the one for 5 days before Copenhagen Marathon.

It looks like rain :-(


  1. That graphic isn't very precise...some of the sites I checked say "PM showers"...find a site that shows hour=by=hour forecasts.

    Worse is the high temps show as 70F. This race starts uber-late for a marathon (most start at 7am in the states) and so we are more vulnerable to high temps nost-noontime.

    Temps above 60F will slow us down a bit..I would prefer a light rain to that, actually.

    It is what it is. We will run anyway 8)

  2. I agree Paul, I do not like the fact that we will be running during the hottest time of the day with 70 F degrees and sunny skies!

  3. All we want is around 15 degrees and some cloud. That shouldn't be too much to ask for :-)

    Oh and no wind of course but that goes without saying...