26 Apr 2011

Great 27k Run in the Countryside

Me after 21k

I have been over the other side of Denmark in Jutland for Easter and thought this would be a great place to get in one of my long pre-marathon runs :-)

There is an old railway line which runs from Horsons until Silkeborg and is around 52k long. We were staying around 1k from a part of this so it made sense to run some of it.

The path is now a nature trail and is very beautiful to run on. A 5k part of it has been preserved and still has an old train running up and down on it.

My family took this train from the one station to the next and back again and meet up with me during my run. This part of the trail is through a wood and I find this so much harder to run on. I actually prefer to run on roads!

I managed 27k which I thought was pretty good as I was carrying water and it was about 24 degrees and very sunny.

Below are some photos of the nature area where I was running :-)

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