10 Mar 2011

A Little Run.....

And so I got out and ran a little today :-)

My throat is still hurting so I decided to just run 5km and figured that was better than nothing at all!

I ran around the Amagerfælled and then home again. I have no idea of what pace I had or how long I took as I forgot my watch.

It was so windy and cold I probably wouldn't want to know the pace anyway ;-)


  1. Aurgh...sorry you are still under the wx.

    As long as your lungs aren't too messed up and you don't have a fever I think a bit of light running is ok...I seem to get away with it ;)

  2. I feel like I'm going backwards in my training and not forwards :-(

    I know I have the whole of April (and hopefully warmer weather) to get some miles in but I still feel like I'm letting myself down!

    I hope all my earlier training hasn't gone to waste... (I should really write this as a blog post :-)

  3. Bad luck.. Hate the danish weather